Janathon Days 24, 25 and 26

I think I last posted on Thursday via twitter to say I was unexpectedly away this weekend and was planning to post as and when I can thereafter.  Last week was hopeless, I spent less time in the gym than anywhere, nothing went according to plan and this weekend has been no better.  I packed on Friday morning for our weekend, I packed two sets of running kit.  Friday evening after work I could feel a sore throat coming on, Friday night I was coughing and spluttering and no exercise other than walking from the car to Costa coffee to eat en route to Somerset. 

We arrived in Somerset at 10.30 Friday night having spent a good couple of hours on the M3 trying to get through the disaster between Fleet and Hook.  The whole journey took 5 hours.  The receptionist at the hotel had also given our room away.  5 hour journey, no bedroom, 15 year old boy in a swimming competition needing to get to bed early!  Friday night did not go according to plan.

Saturday, beautiful morning, early start at the pool in Milfield School, Street.  We parked at the top car park and walked down to the pool, the walk back was uphill the whole way – my exercise attempts for Janathon Day 25.  Josh, on the otherhand, got a pb at 50m free and a Regional time.  Saturday afternoon leaving the pool and the weather was awful, pouring rain, wind, the works and my cold…dire.

Sunday lazy lie in – couldn’t do anything else as the cold has now really taken hold, coughing and spluttering worse, bad night….hideous. The weather had also reached epic proportions as the rain lashed down even harder than Saturday and the wind blasted through everything.  Breakfast was good and we went to the pool for a 2pm start, parked much closer than yesterday due to the weather, it seemed everyone had the same idea.  J had a fantastic swim and achieved another Regional time for 200m free and another pb, 2.07.39 (i think!).

Janathon efforts this weeked I suspect I should be delegating as B went for a run on Friday 3.63k and J had two fabulous swims.  If I could count coughing and spluttering to Olympic proportions as my Janathon effort I would have beaten everyone.  My running kit…stayed packed.

So, I am currently hoping I don’t get another chest infection and I am doing my best not to and whilst I am absolutely gutted, I think my Janathon efforts are over for this year, I don’t want to be laid up again for another three months.  Up until last week I had been doing so well this January and I was so pleased with all my efforts!

Last week everyone.  Keep up the good work Janathoners “you’re all doing very well”…….. 🙂 *some of you might understand that*


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One Response to Janathon Days 24, 25 and 26

  1. jensruns2011 says:

    Hope you’re feeling better soon 🙂

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